Monday, December 12, 2005

Boys will be boys...

Last night, I went out to a friend of my girlfriend's place for dinner, and it turned out he has a table hockey set. What fun! It was hard to resist playing for a good hour or so. As a kid, I owned a set myself, played tournaments with friends, had a mock schedule with playoffs, etc. I used to spend hours practicing by myself. So what a rush it was to return to the game. It's been more than three decades since I last touched a hockey set -- enough, according to biologists, to replace most of the cells in this body of mine at least a couple of times -- & it was amazing to see all the same reflexes, strategies, etc. come back. (+ a Proust-like stream of memories.) My friend (now he's my friend) and I were evenly matched, and it wasn't long before we weren't keeping track of the score. It was just fun scoring goals.

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