Friday, March 23, 2007

Local scene...


Le Depanneur Cafe
206 rue Bernard W.

Montreal, Quebec
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Sunday March 25
7:30 pm - 10 pm.

$5 suggested donation

Featured Readers: Kelly Norah Drukker (2nd place winner of the 2006 CBC Literary Award, Poetry), Carolyn Souaid, Maxianne Berger, Brian Campbell, Stephen Morrissey, Carolyn Zonailo, Ian Ferrier, Angela Leuck, and others.

Music: Paul Serralheiro (jazz guitar/trumpet)

General public open mike

May this event kick off a spring of revivified creativity for you all!


Post script, March 29: This turned out to be a highly enjoyable event for all who turned out (18 or so, not bad considering it's Montreal + the first time I put on one of these things). For me, standouts -- besides myself (but clearly I'm biased here) -- included Kelly Norah Drukker, whose writing reminds me of Roo Borson's at times, and Maxianne Berger, whose quirky, whimsical sensibility always captures my interest. Ian Ferrier turned in a good performance accompanied by Paul Serralheiro on guitar. The man behind the cash bar, it turns out, was an award-winning slam poet named Carl Bessette, who put on quite a show in the open set with a masterly recitation in French.

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Nick said...

Brian, thanks for keeping us posted on the local Montreal scene. Unfortunately, I could't make it to this event. But I surely hope that it went well. Hopefully I'll catch it the next time around.