Sunday, April 01, 2007


This weekend I've been practicing, over and over again, a tough fingerpicking piece called Bridge by Bert Jansch. Melodically, it's so beautiful, though, I don't mind the the repetition. Years ago I tried to master it but gave up. With this new guitar, all seems possible. One advantage of developing good guitar callouses is you can handle hot toast with your hands.

I've also -- with considerably less enthusiasm -- been trying to complete a poem for CV2's 2-day poem contest. 10 words are provided, you have to come up with a poem of under 48 lines containing those 10 words. Unfortunately, this year half the words come out of a literary dissertation, half the words out of a yellowing issue of "Science Today". The most vivid ones are "gyroscope" and "mole". Last year the selection was not much better: it included "pelican" and "cauterize" and "teapot". What's with those guys out there in Winnipeg? Anyway, in the first half hour last night I strung together something just to see if I could use all those blasted words is quickly as possible and get it over with. Tonight I reworked the piece into something bleak, cryptic, and quasi-"intense" -- but definitely not anything that stirs pride in my frame. Should I send it in? I'll decide at five minutes to midnight.

P.S. I sent it in. Now I'm hoping against hope that I don't win. What's with this guy in Montreal?

P.P.S. Hilarious: I just got this note from them in reply:

Hi Brian,

Impressive, 5 of the words in 2 lines. In all the years we’ve been doing this, I don’t think I’ve seen that done before. Good luck with it.

Officially: your poem has been received in good order.

Thanks for playing. We hope to see you back again next year.

The Gang at CV2

Yeah, right. At least I got a good laugh out of it...

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