Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun Sites

Another plan I have is 'World Peace through Formal Introductions.' The idea is that everyone in the world would be required to meet everyone else in the world, formally, at least once. You'd have to look the person in the eye, shake hands, repeat their name, and try to remember one outstanding physical characteristic. My theory is, if you knew everyone in the world personally, you'd be less inclined to fight them in a war: "Who??? The Malaysians??? Are you kidding??? I know those people!!!

-- George Carlin

I was reminded of this quote when I looked and listened today through 6 Billion Others, a site featuring hundreds of people from all over the world talking about their experiences of such universal things as Love, Family, Dreams, Fears, Nature, God, etc. Very touching, very revealing. The clips are often too short for the interviewees to say all that much, but their faces -- captured beautifully in an intimate, high-res lens -- speak lifetimes. Thanks, Pris, for pointing this one out.

Kittenwar as I've said before, is perhaps my favourite site to go to escape the real wars we humans create. Vote for the cutest kitten. Contrary to their own policy, the site managers allow too many readers to enter pictures of their adult cats into the competition: this diminishes the cuteness factor considerably. But if you want to experience an all out cuteness attack, check out the winningest kittens.

A Softer World is an internet comic featuring little monologues (or dialogues) over photographs. Deadpan, acerbic, oddly cryptic -- but often strangely poetic and surreal.

The Daily Show site features video outcuts from some of Jon Stewart's most cutting introductory sequences -- as well as from the most recent week's programming. If you don't have time to watch this brilliant show, this is a good place to catch what you missed.

Links to all these sites are now listed under FUN on my sidebar, beneath the poetry-related sites and above the literary reviews.

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