Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1.5 minutes of "fame" (13.5 to go)

An odd bit of news: yesterday I was interviewed by Justin Hayward of CBC TV, to appear on national (rather, local) television. No, not as poet or singer or anything like that... it was part of a series on global warming (imagine they should be doing a series on that!). A friend of mine recommended me to him because I'm a frequent user of Communauto, a popular car-sharing service here in Montreal. Stats show that users compared to car-owners leave a considerably smaller "carbon footprint".

It so happens I was renting a car to go to work that evening. So we went through the theatrical ritual of doing a typical TV report -- me walking to the car, opening the car door, getting in, as a scene-setting intro (Don't look at the camera!) to be accompanied by a voice over description -- then the interview proper, then a "two shot" to be inserted between the opening shot and the interview (us talking in the distance about n'importe quoi), then me driving off. Took about 20 minutes in all.

The interview should be airing on the 6:00 news next Tuesday.

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