Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doorways to Distribution

Last week I got this little e-mail missive. Its writer just gave me permission to reprint it here:

I am a student at Langara college and I recently read a poem of yours posted on Paul Headricks office door. It made me smile, especially the last line--"grunt".

Jen Gordon

Have to say, you made my day, Jen.

Paul, it seems, is a real fan of this poem of mine that appeared in The Antigonish Review. He's even gone to some extraordinary lengths to get it reprinted elsewhere. Ironically, just posting it on his office door has probably gotten it more readers than The Antigonish Review itself -- or for that matter, any of the other "purely literary" venues he tried to get it reprinted in. (However, he has tried, besides Geist's "Findings" section, Harper's and CBC radio -- we have yet to receive news from them...)

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