Saturday, September 08, 2007

Simon DeDeo writes some interesting advice to poetry bloggers. Much of it I agree with; some of it I don't (i.e. is serifed print really easier on the eyes? or just his eyes?).

An additional discovery -- purely technical one for your bloggers out there -- is that if you click on "edit Html" (upper right hand corner in Blogger) when creating a post, you can paste copy directly from Word or even possibly your email program without screwing up formatting, which tends to happen if you paste it directly into Compose with all its format presets. Just discovered this the other day. (Before when I had to do this I was pasting into Notebook and then into Compose -- a tedious two-step process.)

RRS feeds is something I definitely have to explore. And the site meter, to continue to be of any validity at all, has to reflect their use. (Right now, I don't think it does -- does it?)

Watch out for a change from a black blog, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian --

Interesting your remark about serif vs. sans-serif. I was taught the use of serif for body text, however, I now realize that that was for printed text and not text on a screen. Googling around for "serif text readability", it seems that many people consider sans-serif best for screens at low resolution. I'm going to say that computer screens these days are of sufficient resolution that the benefits of serif carry over from print.

(Definitely serif fonts render better when put in italics -- sans-serif looks a bit strange and unpleasant to my eye.)

As for RSS -- you are already enabled for RSS via blogger, and I'm sure you already have subscrbers. If you want to "see" them, take a look at feedburner (recently bought by google.) That will allow you to learn about those readers/subscribers.

-- Simon

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks for that. I've registered with feedburner. Am a bit mystified though by why they call it "burning a feed", and what the choice between Atom and RSS signifies(their preset is for Atom)and so far I'm too much in "bubblewrap" to see any results. But I'll keep on watching...

Anonymous said...

Hey -- I see you're in one of the bestest places in the world, Montreal. Whenever I'm there I always stop by Casa del Popolo, but I guess I'll have to add the Dep to that!

Brian Campbell said...

When were you last in Montreal? The Casa is about 15 minute's walk from my place. Next time you're by, ring me up!