Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More like 5.5 seconds of "fame"

... as if that wasn't enough, when I got home I saw the my CBC TV news appearance. I think they extracted about 5 seconds of my interview, if that -- me walking to the car, and saying how convenient the communauto service was. To convey the impression that many people use the service, they interviewed a woman user who talked about how it pleased her that it was somewhat more environmentally friendly than owning a car, then drove off, from another location in town. Ah well! Narcissism crestfallen again! I'm sure this will make me a better person -- and poet. (To make up for it, tho, I rewound it and saw it twice. So maybe not!)


Anonymous said...

They must have discovered that you're a poet under 60. Not good. If you had been an 'environmentally friendly' porn star or an 'anti-globalisation' video game designer, they probably would have given you a feature interview on the Friday night edition of The National. Low-cultured arseholes.

Brian Campbell said...

Good to see you back. But clearly, I'm not nearly as culturally important as a porn star.

I've missed my calling!