Friday, April 04, 2008




Café Volver

5604 Ave. du Parc, Mtl.

Thurs. April 3

7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

$5 suggested donation

Featured Readers: Maxianne Berger,

Kelly Norah Drukker, Brian Campbell, Erin Mouré

Stephen Morrissey, Carolyn Zonailo,

Angela Leuck, Oana Avasilichioaei

General public open mike

May your poetree burgeon into bloom!

Info: 514-272-4419

A highly enjoyable event this was: some 20-odd people attended, and the poetry of featured readers and even open mikes was decent to excellent... Readers who I most enjoyed: Maxianne, whose poem ABC's of Desire I adore (it'll be in her next collection, which will be launched in a couple of weeks);Kelly Norah who read a very evocative a poem about a wild boar (I also very much liked a poem she did on the passing of a friend);Stephen who read an interesting sequence of poems about coats; Angela, whose presentation of haikus is always informative and engaging -- she read some haikus she had just written that day at Botanical Gardens, and some of them were very good; and myself (who I really enjoyed, ha ha). Erin and Oana read pieces for two voices in English, Romanian, Galician and Portugese that were pleasant to hear, but required mental calisthenics quite beyond the the rather distracted capacity of my attention, and Carolyn's poems also I couldn't get into for a bunch of extraneous reasons having to do with being a host, although I liked some lines (her being the product of her parent's eros -- heart beating love love love -- quite liked that).

Must admit, being the host of an event like this means one is so preoccupied with keeping things moving according to schedule and thinking about what one is going to do & say, that one simply cannot always be properly present to what is being read -- the main purpose of the event to begin with. Occupational hazard of hosts, particularly of poetry events.

Anyway, thanks to all participants and contributors and to that attentive audience. About $90 was raised for the League, all told.

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