Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nina Bruck on CBC Sunday Edition

Today Nina Bruck was interviewed on the Sunday Edition for 9 minutes about our Sky of Ink chapbook, "Still Light at Five O'Clock". Although the introductory hook was how an 85-year-old had put out her first book, amazingly, it was a very literary broadcast: she got to read four of her poems in their entirety on national radio. Fantastic!

The effect was my site meter lit up with some 30-odd Nina Bruck google inquiries, and we got orders for six books! (NB, as of Wed. June 18, that's 10 books.)

A typical letter:

Heard Nina Bruck on Sunday Edition. Wonderful! Now how do I buy a copy? Tried to respond on blog but got frustrated with the process.



My own question is, did my recent comments on their website have an effect on CBC poetry broadcasting policy? Perhaps... but I'd be surprised. At our urging Nina turned the focus from being some sort of icon of old age creativity (she'd already had that on her TV interview), to the work itself, insisting on the kind of broadcast that came out.

If you want to read more about her book, here's the link for that. A click on the label below will also yield more excerpts of her writing. If anyone wishes to order copies, visit my website and inquire or write me at

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