Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carte Blanche -- remplie

Carte Blanche came out with its 7th issue today, and in it, to my pleasant surprise, are two poems of mine, since their acceptance letter only mentioned one.

So why the critter above? He's my cat, Batman, and it's from the experience of living with him for 12 years that I've gained the wealth of feline experience that went into Purr, a pantoum-like thing that attempts -- and who knows, may even succeed at some points -- to see the world through his eyes.

The other poem, It's Not That I'm Getting Older, concerns the paradoxes of middle age.

Other contributions are by Jocelyne Dubois (my partner -- when her short story was accepted for the same issue, it quite a joyous surprise), Anne Diamond, Bruce Henry, Ilona Martonfi, JR Carpenter, Angela Leuk, Elise Moser, Licia Canton, Maria Giuliani, Claire Sherwood, George Amabile, Julie Mahfood, Katherine Mockleer, K.V. Skene, Melissa Bull, Michelle Barker, Nathaniel G. Moore, and Yaqoob Ghaznavi.

Although this is Carte Blanche's first issue to publish international submissions, only two or three writers this time are from outside Quebec. That number will surely increase in future issues.

More Newfoundland pictures shortly.


Pris said...

Congratulations, Brian! I esp like your second poem (probably because I can relate, besides it being so well written). The only problem is that you're still a mere babe in the woods :-) Question of the day...when does getting older begin??

Brian Campbell said...

In our culture, I think you start hearing that old wingéd chariot drawing near starting at about age 28 (when you can no longer ignore the approach of the dreaded 30). With each decade marker, the noise gets incrementally louder. I look young, so now I've entered a period of discretion -- but those clattering wheels are getting pretty deafening.

Thanks for the feedback.