Sunday, July 20, 2008

Iceberg, Witless Bay

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Pictures I took as we approached and circumnavigated this medium-sized iceberg in Witless Bay -- mountain of ice, nevertheless, that towered over our boat. I've seen, though, much bigger on postcards. 9/10ths of bergs are, of course, under the surface; this was about as close as we could get, the radar told us, without risking a tear in the bottom of the boat. This berg is actually stuck, lodged to the bottom of the bay. And it will take a good while to melt; in late June, the water temperature was still only 4 degrees Celsius. (Needless to say, the breeze off the water was pretty chilly.) This year, close to a thousand bergs broke off of Greenland and floated down past Newfoundland, a record number due to global warming.

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Anonymous said...

This is extraordinary. Iseberg nowadays, it's a miracle.