Sunday, October 05, 2008

Les coupures tuent la culture...

Protests against Prime Minister Harper's cultural cuts have made a much bigger splash in Quebec than the rest of Canada. Here the widespread unpopularity of those measures may just cause him to lose the province in the next election -- and hopefully, his chances at forming a majority government. Here's a video put on by famed singer-songwriter Michel Rivard which has had, by some estimates, some 500,000 viewers in the province.

I purloined this explanation from acidrefluxweb, who went through the trouble of making it. Says he:

Even if you don’t speak French, you should watch this as it’s very funny and mostly in English. I’ll guide you through it, especially if you are American as this is about Canadian politics.

Our Bush-worshiping Prime Minister, who we call shrub, i.e. a small bush, recently cut funding to arts and culture because it was for all those evil lefty folks. He forgot though that the impact in Quebec would be huge, as they depend on this for their own arts and culture, which is not only for more rich than English Canada's, but plays also huge role in maintaining identity.

Now in French, the word for seal is phoque. It is pronounced as fuck. So the arts people are scandalized by [Rivard's] first song so he says he will sing something else. In the song is petit, but in Quebec it is often pronounced as p’tit.

So once again the bureaucrats are freaked out because the think he’s singing about tits, and their conservative political masters would be very upset.

The rest you can figure out. 85% of the video is in English, & it’s very funny.


R. W. Watkins said...

Protest is in the air these days, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Very very good. I like it.

Well, Fac, meens also University in France. So over there the french are joking with the british.
" Tu viens à la Fac(faculté)?"-FR
"What is wrong with you!"-British

So this little things are so funny
Fac = phoque=F___ etc. :)