Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cultural storms

This post by Patricia Storms has links to articles by Margaret Atwood and John Doyle in response to Stephen Harper's arts cuts, as well as a nice bit of verse satire by John Allemang. Actually Allemang's point -- that the artists play into Harper's gambit by their whining about the cuts -- has been belied by recent polls. Paradoxically, Harper's oafish remarks have succeeded in making the rationale behind cultural funding a flash point in this campaign. Artists have been dignified and eloquent their in defense of the investment in our national image and economy this so-called funding represents, and public opposition, particularly here in Quebec, could be a factor behind his not getting his coveted majority come Monday.

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Pris said...

Hi Brian
I've been so embroiled in our upcoming campaign, the falling stock market and financial disasters here that I didn't know about these cuts. It seems that Arts and Education are always the first to go.