Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting ready for takeoff...

A brain wave came to me yesterday, after I had settled into a hot bath, of all places -- but it makes sense, it's a good place for the mind to let go. The result is that I've changed the title of my forthcoming collection of prose poems from Field of Gems to Passenger Flight. The former, while it resonated with prominent elements in the collection, was more than a tad precious (play on words entirely intended). Passenger Flight really reflects the tone and concerns of the book... it's also a prominent motif from beginning to end, and happens to be the title of one of the best prose poems in collection . Everybody (all five, so far) involved in this project agrees with me that this new title is far better.

My book contract arrived yesterday with the old title on it, and I had to ask my publisher to send me another. My editor and I were just about to get down to final editing and book design would soon follow. Catalogue copy is due next week. One blurb endorsement had to be changed slightly; another one has yet to be written. So I feel very lucky that my brain wave came when it did.

Below and above, some images, found through Google Images, that might make it to -- or inspire -- the book jacket. There have to be clouds. I love clouds.

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