Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Via Jilly

  1. The death of the poet Reginald Shepherd has Alan Contreras puzzling over how to judge a student prize in his memory.
  2. Those eleven [poems] were composed at the ages of twenty-three, forty-one, forty-eight, forty, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty, twenty-eight, thirty-eight, forty-two, and fifty-nine, respectively. There is no evidence, Galenson concluded, for the notion that lyric poetry is a young person’s game.
  3. Can’t we leave Hughes and Plath alone?
  4. Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. has announced the launch of MeatHaiku.com
  5. A look at how an iconoclastic young writer revolutionized the poetic form.
  6. In the case of After Shocks: The Poetry of Recovery for Life-Shattering Events, edited by Tom Lombardo (Sante Lucia Books), poems have been chosen to help readers to recover from subjects such as war, abuse, addiction, death, and more.
  7. A poet has been forced to launch his new collection in the street after a bookstore cancelled the event because of a campaign by Christian activists.


R. W. Watkins said...

Well, looks like Mary Whitehouse died but Christian Voice lives on to take her dubious place. I would say that the Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) is the Canadian equivalent of these creepy illiterate pricks. CFAC as good as owns certain segments of the Conservative Party, by the way; Stockwell Day has long been one of their major operatives. I'd love for any of these silly fuckers to have a browse through my KCN page....

Brian Campbell said...

At least they pay attention to poetry. :)

Pris said...

Good series of links. In the haiku competition I don't think they have a clue what haiku is all about (based on that definition), but at least poetry is entering the world of the fast food eaters:-)

Brian Campbell said...

It's mainly because of the meat. (Oh, that's a Loblaws slogan, I think.)

Anonymous said...

Remember, boys and girls: you have less than 24 hours to get your meat haiku submitted to Burger King! Don't forget to type your cover letter neatly and mention your past contributions to the Paris Review.

Thanks, Brian; for the first time in ages, I actually laughed like a son-of-a-bitch reading those submissions. Surely, William J. Higginson died just in time.

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks for directing me to that link. (I didn't actually go so far as to check it out.) Hilarious.

Do you think this is a recruitment tool for future Burger King PR writers? Here's a highly suggestive favourite:

Meat, cooked and tender
It's heaven between the buns
Now inside my gut

- Bonnie Staring

Here's a future advertising exec, or porn writer, I don't know which!

When are we going to see a Watkins special on that site?