Sunday, May 31, 2009


My computer crashed again, this time fatally -- so I got another one, a 2-year-old HP Workstation XW 6200 with a new 250-gig hard drive & CD burner for about $400, taxes included (according to the link above, this thing once retailed for $5,500... hard to believe the depreciation). My repairman gave me a rebate on much of the cost of the previous repair (about $300), which really didn't work out. This one is a solid, highly rated beast that nevertheless runs very quietly, more quietly than my laptop -- and he tells me it should keep me happy (can any machine keep you happy?) for years to come... I'll keep my fingers crossed. I've been saying PC stands for Piece of Crap; if this one doesn't work out any better I'm definitely moving to Mac.

I've been busy customizing the system, reconfiguring e-mail, etc. (Second time this week.) I lost Dreamweaver, so it may be a while before I am able to update my website.

There's a poem in this drudgery, I'm sure. May Sisyphus be my muse.


Stephen Morrissey said...

Hey Brian,

Good luck with this PC. I, too, am checking out computers planning to buy a laptop in the new year. Thinking of jumping to a Mac since I hear how undependable the PCs are... With the cost of repairs to a PC you may as well buy a Mac that (I'm told) won't need repairs); however, my PC, an ancient Compaq (do they stil make these) has always given me good performance and I have no complaints... what do you think about the Macs?


Brian Campbell said...

Maybe we can talk about this in Vancouver. Macs are very sold, but not infallible, and if you have any repairs, their service I've been told by a fellow Mac user, apparently leaves much to be desired. They also, I'm told,systematically deny flaws in their system. They are less susceptible to viruses and spyware than PCs (PC's still commanding a lion's share of the market, more viruses are made for them), but again, not insusceptible.

Macs cost a lot of cash, though, which I couldn't afford... so I took up my computer guy's offer, and so far, knock wood (should that be plastic?) it's working out well.