Sunday, May 31, 2009

Searching "Brian Campbell Passenger Flight" on Google, I round this odd little tidbit:

... She waded through chest high water, unaware she sustained a gash to her leg, and herded folks forward to get out on the wing.
Brian Campbell, a passenger in the rear of the plane, said, "Turn around, you’ve got to get out on the wing."
Upfront were Dent and Dail who got folks out on the wing and into rafts.

Seems, unbeknownst to me, that I was on US Air Flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson.

Apparently my book is available not only at Chapters Indigo and Amazon, but at sites I never heard of: Books XWZ, Keenzo, Hard Cover Deals, Of course, no reviews as yet, but that's hardly to be expected.


Anonymous said...

you must be suffering from a new syndrome: egooglitis, or google narcissism. just kidding, but it is a serious affectation, like restless leg syndrome, and swine flu.

Brian Campbell said...

This may be only the second time I've done this -- and honestly, it was my girlfriend who put me up to it. (Sounds like the dog that ate my homework, no pun intended, but there you are.) It's hard to find me past all the references to Brian Campbell of the Chicago Black Hawks -- a circumstance that will forever inoculate me against said affliction, methinks.

When you have a book out, tho, it may be the only way to find out if it's been reviewed... but that probably won't be worth doing until fall.

Anonymous said...

Keep me posted. I had no idea that you had translated the poetry of Francisco Santos. As a Nicaraguan, I must say that this a most laudable endeavor since it is difficult to find it in English.

Saludos y Felicidades

Brian Campbell said...

Gracias, amigo. Because of distribution issues (Editorial Lunes, the publisher, is still not up to par vis a vis online distribution, etc.), this beautiful work is still difficult to find in English. I have some fine copies chez moi, and so does the author chez lui. One day when I have time I'll learn how to Paypal it on line. Right now, it's direct sale, only.

Brian Campbell said...

P.S. I don't trust Paypal, because a friend of a friend got defrauded thousands of dollars out of her business account a few years ago. Got any other suggestions?