Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vehicule Press blog/Montreal Gazette poetry series

I just learned that Vehicule Press has a blog -- and that editor Carmine Starnino's postings there are quite informative, particularly about the Montreal literary scene.

From it I learned that the Montreal Gazette has a summer poetry series in its online arts section, wherein prominent local poets read a poem on video. I always welcome those rare instances in North America where literature is directly transmitted through the popular media, rather than parsed out to us through those questionable intermediaries, the reviewer and the interviewer. Certain Latin American papers, as I've pointed out before, do this all the time -- i.e. Managua's La Prensa and Mexico City's Exelsior. Would that this feature -- or something like it, possibly with inclusion of literary text -- last all year long.

Seems I'm on Vehicule's blogroll, and that's the occasion of my learning of their existence -- rather belatedly, since the blog has been up since 2007. Soon they'll be on mine.

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