Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Reflections on the post of the other day

R.W. Watkins, in the comments on last Thursday's post on Sharon Olds, pointed out that Olds is a "theme-dependent" rather than "quote/line-dependent" poet. It got me to thinking of a course devoted to theme-dependent poets -- their rhetorical devices, their memes, the ways in which they affect the reader. I'm sure, through systematic study, a special attentiveness could be acquired that could enhance the memorability of theme-dependent poems, even their lines. I'm also sure someone (probably not a few) in academe have thought that up. Or maybe this idea is still up for grabs? I am not in academe, have not been for many years...

It's interesting, too, how so many of the "unforgettable lines" I mentioned in that post fit into a rhyme scheme. Rhyme, of course, is an aide-memoire; the line, however, has to be good in itself.

In the rooms women come and go,
speaking of Michaelangelo.

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